GameRanger Adds Unicode Suppor

GameRanger Technologies has announced Unicode support for GameRanger. GameRanger is an online gaming service designed for multi-player matchmaking. Adding Unicode support expandes the language set for the online service, allowing multilingual chat and more. According to GameRanger:

Scott Kevill, president, GameRanger Technologies, today announced the addition Unicode support to GameRanger, the leading Macintosh multiplayer online gaming service.

Full Unicode support means that chat rooms, game rooms, private messages, and more are now multilingual, allowing members around the world to use their native alphabets in addition to Roman alphabets.

GameRanger is the first and largest internet multiplayer game matchmaking service for the Macintosh. Introduced over three years ago, the GameRanger community is home to over 140,000 registered members playing more than 120 popular game titles spanning classic, action, strategy and simulation.

You can find more information about the Unicode support at the GameRanger Web site.