Game Server Configulator for Call of Duty Released

P-Edge Media has released Game Server Configulator (GSC) for Aspyris Call of Duty, United Offensive. GSC offers an aqua interface for setting up, running, and monitoring a dedicated (or not dedicated) game server for the game.

The company said that the utility has setting for 40 different options, more than the in-game server setup menu offers. The software provides for:

  • broadcasting of server messages
  • automatic leading player messages
  • auto-kick and banning of players that misbehave

Once the server is created, GSC can automatically submit it to gaming services like GameSpy and P-Edge Mediais own GSC serverlist.

GSC is free to use, but the company is asking for a US$1.50 donation. You can find more information and download links at the companyis Web site.