GarageGames Brings Tiger Support to Torque Game Engines

GarageGames on Wednesday added support for Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger," which will be available on April 29, to its Torque 2D and Torque game engines. In addition to 64-bit support and optimizations for Xcode 2.0, both engines will feature support for Tigeris Automator and .Mac sync features when they ship next quarter.

The standard cross-platform Torque game engine is based on the technology behind the popular Tribes, Starsiege and Tribes 2 games, which are not available on the Mac. However, games created with Torque -- including Marble Blast Gold, Orbz and ThinkTanks -- are available for both Mac and Windows, and more titles are in the works. The Torque 2D engine is a sibling designed for developers who want to create side-scrolling arcade games, strategy titles and more.

Torque and Torque 2D are US$100. The latter is currently an early adopter release. GarageGamesi pricing is for developers making less than $250,000 per year on their titles. Larger developers will need commercial licenses that sell for $495 and $395 per seat, respectively.