Gefen Introduces Extension Kits For New Apple Displays

If the cable on your new 20" or 23" Apple Cinema Display is too short to reach your computer, Gefen has a solution. Gefenis new extension kits will allow you to set up your monitor, a keyboard and mouse, and even a FireWire device anywhere from 10 to 300 (yes, three hundred) feet away. From Gefen:

Connectivity solutions provider Gefen today announced the availability of new Apple HD Cinema Display Extension Kits. Distances ranging from 10 to 300 feet are bridged by multiple cables that sustain high definition resolutions up to 1920x1200.

The kits are tailored to fit pre-set distance specifications, and contain the appropriate extension device, depending on the length desired, plus the cabling needed to relocate a 20 or 23 inch Apple HD Cinema Display, keyboard/mouse, plus a Firewire peripheral away from the computer.

Extension devices include a DVI Repeater, a small device that sits between two DVI cables regenerating the video signal from one through the other, or a DVI-1000 HD Extender, which uses a sender and receiver connected by cabling to extend the display. In some cases, a cable-only solution is used, depending on the length desired.

Kits are currently available for the following lengths: 10, 15, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100, 160 and 300 feet. Two of the kits, the 30 and 60 foot, are available in an alternate version that uses less than one inch wide cabling in conduit.

Gefenis DVI Extension solutions for the new Apple Cinema Displays are available now for prices ranging from US$217 to US$4065.