Gefen Now Long Distance USB Connector

Gefen is now shipping the USB 500 hub. The USB 500 hub is designed for hooking up peripherals to a computer from up to 1,650 feet away. The Hub features for ports for any USB device, and breaks the 17 ft. barrier for standard USB length connections. According to Gefen:

Multiple computer peripherals may be extended up to 1,650 feet using a fiber optic transmission system with Gefenis USB-500, a four-port USB extender recently released to market.

It was designed to help companies easily access computer operating equipment regardless of where the central processing unit is based. Keyboard, mouse, camera, printer and any other computer device that is USB equipped may be transmitted with the USB-500. Without it, USB signals can only operate effectively when placed within 16.5 feet (3 meters) of the computer.

You can find more information about the USB 500 at the Gefen Web site. The USB 500 hub is available for US$949.00.