Gefen Now Shipping 4X4 DVI Matrix Switch

Gefen is now shipping ex-tend-it 4x4 DVI Matrix Switch for Mac users. The ex-tend-it 4x4 DVI Matrix Switch is a device designed for directly connecting 4 computers to 4 different DVI monitors. The switch features an external power source and an IR remote control. According to Gefen:

Gefen announced the release of its ex-tend-it 4x4 DVI Matrix Switch, an addition to the ex-tend-it Professional Series that combines multiple, cross-platform DVI video sources with multiple DVI displays to create an integrated environment without networking or patching cords.

It may be used with digital video sources, displays and projectors, provided each source and destination uses DVI connectors to send and receive visual data. When used with computers, the Matrix accommodates a keyboard/mouse connection via a USB connector that is switched for each source along with the video.

You can find more information about the ex-tend-it 4x4 DVI Matrix Switch at the Gefen Web site. The ex-tend-it 4x4 DVI Matrix Switch is available for US$2,499.00.