Gefen Now Shipping HDTV Extender For CAT-5 Cables

Gefen is now shipping the HDTV Extender for Mac users. The HDTV Extender is a device designed for transmitting HD data over 150 feet via CAT-5 cabling. The device comes in either DVI or HDMI configs and supports resolutions up to 1080i. According to Gefen:

A revolutionary new method of high definition video extension from Gefen transmits audio and video data up to 150-feet over CAT-5 cable. Never before could CAT-5 cables carry the large amounts of data required for HD clarity and precision. But new chip technologies combined with skillful engineering has created a method of packaging data that can be transmitted successfully using industry-standard CAT-5E cables.

Multiple resolutions up to 1080i and multi-channel digital audio are effective at distances up to 150-feet, making the HDTV Extender over CAT-5 cable an economical alternative to fiber optics or copper cables for medium length installations. It is highly advantageous when upgrading audio/video systems from analog to digital because cabling does not have to be replaced.

You can find more information about the HDTV Extender release at the Gefen Web site. The HDTV Extender is available for US$499.00.