Gefen Now Shipping ex-tend-it ADC Switcher

Gefen is now shipping the ex-tend-it ADC Switcher. The Switcher is designed to allow the connection of two computer systems to one flat panel display. The hardware ships with all neccessary cables and a power supply. According to Gefen:

Gefen’s new switch, the ex-tend-it ADC Switcher, allows Macintosh enthusiasts the opportunity to double their video pleasure; users can switch between two Apple G4 computers (desktop or laptop) using just one Apple flat-panel display, one keyboard, mouse and one set of speakers.

While the ADC Switcher was designed specifically to accommodate Macintosh computers, it is flexible in scope and can accommodate the DVI (digital visual interface—a standard port on most modern personal computers) graphics cards on non-Macintosh computers as well. This allows for a cross-platform system with both computers being accessed via the same Apple flat panel display—a fundamental solution for computer users who may have upgraded to a Macintosh from a PC, yet still want to retain, access and work on the old PC as well.

You can find more information about the ex-tend-it ADC Switcher at the Gefen Web site. The ex-tend-it ADC Switcher is available for US$449.00.