Gefen Ships Extension Cables For 20", 23" Cinema Displays

Gefen is shipping two new extension cables for Appleis latest 20" and 23" Cinema Displays. The cables allow users to have displays farther away from the Mac that is running them, which is particularly applicable for those wishing to move their computers farther away from them, as well as commercial display applications (demos, kiosks, lobby displays, etc.). From Gefen:

Two new extension solutions from Gefen make extending Appleis new 20 and 23 inch HD Cinema Displays an easy affair. Three cables are bundled together and capped on each end by three connectors: DVI, FireWire and USB. The 10 and 15 foot cable-only solutions require no hardware or external power to operate.

Gefenis combo cable requires a simple connection to the computer on one end, and to the extended display and peripherals on the other end. For longer lengths, Gefen provides a variety of extender kits that support long distances, up to hundreds of meters in length.

Extending displays and peripherals away from the computer is desired for many reasons, most notable being the need for a quiet work space, achieved by isolating the computer to avoid the noise of the computer fans.

The company is offering a 10 foot cable for US$99, and a 15 foot cable for US$129. You can find more information at Gefenis Web site.