Genius, Or Criminally Insane?

Itis been quite some time since weive had a Cool Waste Of Time around here, what with all of these Apple happenings, and all. So it is with immense pleasure, and in keeping with the time of year (OK, we missed Halloween by more than a week), TMO is proud to present, for your time-wasting enjoyment, another installment of A Cool Waste Of Time!!!

Cue sinister background music.
Cue scream.

We offer for your inspection, a site that does not hide its malevolent content of twisted thoughts; it displays them as sick postings on a macabre board. Go ahead, rifle through the postings. Youill find oddities that may elicit a snicker or a sneer, a guffaw or a gasp (surf at your own risk!). For our Cool Waste Of Time, however, weid like to direct your attention to posting 28-07-2003 22:19, titled "Programming Language Inventor, or Serial Killer?"

Quiz Anyone?

Cue the iDun-Dun-Dun-Duuuuuuuuh!i music.

It is a quiz, but fear not! It is a quiz we think youill enjoy. So, sit back and try to remember that this is only a Cool Waste Of Time.

Cue maniacal laughter.
Cue organ music.

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