Get A Big Box Of Digital Images

Hemera Technologies is shipping The Big Box of Art, a library of royalty-free digital images. The Big Box of Art collection is designed for use in Web development and digital imaging. According to Hemera Technologies:

Hemera Technologies Inc., the world leader in wholly owned royalty-free digital image content, today announced that The Big Box of Art, available for Macintosh?, will be available through many popular retail outlets, mail-order and online resellers in North America and Britain by mid October 2001. The Big Box of Art will be available in France and Germany by late October 2001.

The Big Box of Art is a unique digital image collection with the highest quality and the greatest variety of images available, including Hemera(tm) Photo-Objects(tm), clip art, illustrations, professional stock photos, Web graphics and more.

The Big Box of Art for Macintosh contains 215,000 images including:

  • 10,000 Hemera Photo-Objects
  • 110,000 vector clip art
  • 10,000 raster illustrations
  • 20,000 professional color photos
  • 10,000 professional B/W photos
  • 26,000 Web graphics
  • 25,000 Web images
  • 2,000 textured photos
  • 1,500 animations
  • 500 PhotoFont textures

You can find more information about The Big Box of Art at the Hemera Technologies Web site. The Big Box of Art is available for US$69.95.