Get A Handle On Your OS X Fonts

WIth nearly 100,000 people have taken the plunge thus far on OS X Beta, and some of those people are going to want to use fonts other than those included with Beta. One way to begin doing that is by running Font Agent. According to Insider Software:

First of all, thank you for supporting the Mac and Insider Software. Weive both been through some lean times but OS X is going to change all that. Iim as excited as you are and have some really killer products in the works.

But you canit go forward until you fix your fonts. In fact, X still has some unresolved and unpublicized font compatibility issues. And running FontAgent on pre-X fonts can help. Hereis the punchline:

Your readers can purchase FontAgent 8 for only $49.95, normally $69.95, until September 30, 2000 by going to

You can find more information at the Font Agent web site.