"Get A Mac" Actors Win Bobby Awards

John Hodgman and Justin Long, the PC and Mac from Appleis Get A Mac commercials, were both awarded 2006 Garfield Bobby Awards for their performances as different, yet friendly, computers. The awards, according to Advertising Age, are given based on the quality and memorability of the commercials.

Hodgman (left) and Long (right) in a Get A Mac ad.

Hereis what Advertising Age had to say about Mr. Hodgman, Mr. Long, and the Get A Mac commercials:

The hands-down winners this year are Justin Long and John Hodgman, better known to you as Mac and PC in the campaign for Apple Computer (TBWA/Chiat/Day.) Hodgman is a PC, earnest and uptight, and Long is a Mac, casually cool. Yes, PC is a doffs, but what so distinguishes these performances is how the two interact -- affably and respectfully, in spite of the central premise. Long is cool not because heis ultra-hip but because heis laid-back and confident, minus any trace of condescension.

You can view the complete collection of Get A Mac commercials at Appleis Web site.