Get A Refurb G4 Cube For US$1299, 500 MHz PowerMac G4 For US$2199

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Apple is offering some really good deals on refurb models. Dan Knight of Low End Mac noticed them and dropped us a note, and we thought you might like to know too. In short, Apple is offering several refurbished models at some very good prices. They are:

  • Power Mac G4 Cube 450MHz/64MB/20G/DVD/56K - Refurbished $1,299.00
  • Power Mac G4 500MHz/256MB/27G/DVD/ZIP $2,199.00
  • Power Mac G4 Dual 450MHz/128MB/30G/DVD/56K/GigE $1,949.00
  • iMac 500DV Special Edition 128MB/30G/DVD/56K Graphite - Refurbished $1,249.00
  • Apple Studio Display 17" CRT - Refurbished $349.00
  • Apple Studio Display 15" Flat Panel - Refurbished $699.00
  • PowerBook G3 500MHz/128MB/12G/DVD/E-No Floppy - Refurbished $2,299.00

You can find information on these deals at the Apple Store. Apple is also offering various AppleCare options for most of those products.

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