Get An MPEG 4 Rush At

Looking for MPEG 4 content to test out Appleis QuickTime 6 Preview? Stop by The site has been updated with new video featuring the new video format used by QuickTime 6. This from

Endorphin Productions Inc. announces that Apple Computer has placed two videos on itis new Quicktime 6 web pages showcasing a new MPEG 4 video standard.

Endorphin Productions is the only internet video company chosen to be shown on their pages. Two movies, "Pacific Grove Coast" and "Classic Cars in Carmel", are showcased along with two of Appleis own TV commercials and three movie and game trailers. Apple has also provided a link to from their two pages:

The showcase pages with our movies will be presented for the next year. We are honored that Apple Computer chose to use our movies in their Quicktime 6/MPEG 4 preview. The movies can also be seen at with Quicktime 3, 4, or 5. presents high quality quicktime videos focusing on stories about people, places, and events happening on the Monterey Peninsula. Viewers can see videos about the Big Sur, Carmel, and Pacific Grove coasts, stories about people like Clint Eastwood, Jay Leno, cartoonist Hank Ketcham, New York Jets coach Herm Edwards, and stories about events like the Pebble Beach Concours diElegance, Laguna Seca racing, the Carmel Bach Festival, and the Monterey Jazz Festival. A high speed connection, DSL or a cable modem, is recommended to view the quicktime movies.

In January Apple Computer saw the Web site and decided to profile one of our movies, Clint Eastwoodis "Play Misty For Me" 30th Anniversary, in itsi e-mail newsletter, "Quicktime News." They also put it on their Hot Picks Quicktime web page. also features other QT 5 videos that are well worth a visit to their site. Stop by.