Get Around That Annoying Microsoft Dependency

Panergy Ltd. has released two new file converting apps for the Mac, icWord and icExcel. icWord is designed to allow users the ability to convert Word documents into AppleWorks. icExcel provides the ability of viewing and printing Excel files without actually using Excel. According to Panergy Ltd:

Panergy Ltd. today released two new utilities that let Mac users open, view, export and print Microsoft Office files, PC or Mac created, without having Microsoft applications installed on their computers.

icWord 2.0 expands the functionality of "The Microsoft Word Viewer for the Mac" and now enables designers and publishers to convert Word documents to AppleWorks, RTF or text files for easy export into popular design programs.

icExcel, "The Microsoft Excel viewer for the Mac," extends Panergyis technology to users who occasionally need to open, view, export and print Excel files without using Microsoft Excel. Both utilities make file sharing easier for Mac users living in a cross-platform, multi-application world.

You can find more information about icWord and icExcel at the Panergy Ltd. Web site. icWord and icExcel are both available for US$19.95.