Get Cleaner E-Mail Now With Email Cleaner

ElfData has updated their utility for "cleaning" the formatting of e-mail messages, Email Cleaner, to version 2.0. Email Cleaner allows users to easily remove any unwanted formatting from e-mail messages, including line breaks, html, and paragraph formatting. According to ElfData:

ElfData, developers of easy-to-use text manipulation and XML data tools for the Macintosh platform, today announced Email Cleaner 2.0 for Macintosh, a more convenient and intelligent version of the convenient email cleaning software that can integrates with to make it accessible with any e-mail client, web-browswer or text editor.

Email Cleaner 2.0 offers intelligent neatening transformations on your emails, turning badly wrapped emails into looking perfect to the eye. Email Cleaner doesnit use extensions or patches of any kind that similar products use to integrate with your programs.

Email Cleaner offers a very customizable output, including settings for justification, html stripping, line width and turning idented lines to new paragraphs.

Email Cleaner 2.0 was today posted to our website, and expands on these features with a cleaner interface; understanding of itemised lists; and a new installation window, that sets up for always easy access to Email Cleaner. Email Cleaner 2.0 can be evaluated for 25 days, then registered online for a fully unlocked version.

Email Cleaner is available for US$15. You can find more information at the ElfData Web site.