Get Control Of Your Desktop With Window Finder

MacEase software has released a new desktop management utility, Window Finder. Window Finder allows users to manage windows on the desktop by hiding non-active windows, and giving users an easy way to instantly access an window on the desktop, regardless of application. According to MacEase:

Iim pleased to announce the release of WindowFinder 1.0. Mac users who donit like the tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive task of having to juggle, windowshade, and close windows in order to find the files and windows they want to work with will find that WindowFinder solves these usability issues.

WindowFinder gives users the ability to quickly and easily locate and manage Finder windows, and WindowFinder makes it easy for users to prevent Finder windows from interfering with their view of the items that are on their Desktops. With WindowFinder, users are also able to instantly hide all windows from applications that are interfering with their view of either the Desktop or Finder windows.


  • When the Finder is active, simultaneously holding down the Command and Control keys causes WindowFinder to appear under the useris cursor.
  • WindowFinder displays an alphabetical list of all open Finder windows.
  • Selecting a window in WindowFinder makes it the active window.
  • Selecting "Desktop" in WindowFinder automatically windowshades all open Finder windows.
  • Option-selecting "Desktop" in WindowFinder closes all Finder windows.
  • Selecting a windowshaded window in WindowFinder expands the window and makes it active.
  • WindowFinder can instantly expand all windowshaded windows.
  • WindowFinder can toggle the appearance of windows that belong to open applications. (This instantly prevents these windows from interfering with the useris view of the Desktop.)
  • WindowFinder includes both Balloon Help and a Help button.
  • When WindowFinder appears under the useris cursor, the user may drag WindowFinder to another location.
  • WindowFinder doesnit require launching a separate application and automatically hides itself.
  • WindowFinder doesnit take up any valuable Desktop real estate.

WindowFinder is available for US$12.95. You can find more information at the MacEase web site.