Get Designing! HTML Editor Updated

Split Software has updated their OS X compatible HTML editor, NetSmith, to version 1.5. NetSmith provides users with a set of tools for easily creating formatted Web pages, complete with JavaScript and tables, from a simple interface. According to Split Software:

Version 1.5 is an all around major update to this advanced HTML toolkit. The syntax coloring engine and HTML format system have been greatly optimized and are now virtually flicker free. A new Tools menu allow for quick adjustment of document conventions such as quotes, tag case, spacing, and much more, as well as modify tags on an individual basis or remove unwanted code or text. A new JavaScript menu provides 9 JavaScript tools. There is also now a Justify alignment, and the Left and Right alignments insert the correct code now. A new Multi-Column Layout format has been added as well. There are numerous other bug fixes, new features, and updates.

NetSmith is available for US$21.95. You can find more information at the Split Software Web site.