Get Happy With The Joy Update 2.3

AAA+ has released an update for Joy, bringing it to version 2.3. Joy is a developer productivity and RAD tool, designed to be the fastest path for developers to learn Cocoa. The new version has fixed compatability issues with OS 10.1. According to AAA+:

Joy for Mac OS X, the popular developer productivity and RAD tool by AAA+ Software, is now available in a version that fixes a compatibility issue with Mac OS X 10.1.

Joy provides the fastest path for developers to learn Cocoa, the new way of developing applications for the Mac. It is the tool of choice for everyone who wants to peek under the hood of Mac OS X!

Whatis new?

  • Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.1
  • The JoyServices server wonit show up in the dock any more

What else can I do with Joy?

  • Here at AAA+ we have used Joy, among other things:
  • For rapid development of prototype
  • For Enterprise Objects and WebObjects development
  • As a learning tool for newcomers
  • As a supplement to Appleis documentation
  • To quickly find out names and prototypes while programming
  • To hunt bugs
  • To demonstrate Carbon before it was there
  • To play starting at level 60, with 100 balls
  • To do the impossible

You can find more information about the Joy update at the AAA+ Web site. Joy 2.6 is available for US$69.00, and uprades from previous versions is free.