Get Info Update From DXoft

DXoft has released an update for Get Info, bringing it to version 2.1. Get Info is a collection of relational databases for tracking a useris configurations including internet accounts and registration info. The new version now has OS X support and includes Filemaker Pro 5.5 runtime app. According to DXoft:

DXoft Get Info 2.1 now includes version 5.5 of the FileMaker Pro runtime application. When used with the Classic version of the runtime application, the program operates on Mac OS 8.1 through Mac OS 9.x. When used with the Mac OS X version of the runtime application, it operates natively on Mac OS X (version 10.0.4 or later) with no dependence on the Classic environment.

DXoft Get Info is a collection of FileMaker Pro 5.x relational databases and comes with a runtime version of the FileMaker Pro 5.5 application.

It is designed to let individual users track quickly and easily several key information about their computer configuration:

  • The Internet Accounts database stores your TCP/IP, Remote Access, E-mail, News, FTP and Web page settings
  • The Internet Sites database is a powerful URL manager. It stores "login" information for those web sites that use a registration/subscription system
  • The Registrations database stores serial numbers and registration information
  • The Contacts database is closely integrated with the Registrations one to let one easily find information about the authors, developers or publishers of the sofware products one uses

You can find more information about the Get Info update at the DXoft Web site. Get Info 2.1 is available for US$15.00.