Get OS X Window Features Under OS 9

Greg Landweber has updated his interface enhancement tool, Power Windows, to version 2.4.2. Power Windows allows entire windows and contents to be dragged as opposed to just a dotted outline. This is the same window feature available under Mac OS X. According to Mr. Landweber:

Greg Landweber, co-author of Kaleidoscope, is pleased to announce the public release of Power Windows 2.4.2, available now from:

Power Windows is a small control panel that taps into your Macis unused processor power to perform amazingly cool effects with windows and menus. Power Windows was originally conceived to let you drag the entire contents of windows instead of just a dotted outline. It offers both solid and translucent window dragging, and you can even enable multitasking with solid dragging. Power Windows also has options for fading Finder windows (in place of the zoom rectangle animation), fading menus, and as of version 2.4, translucent menus!

Version 2.4.2 is a maintenance release, adding support for Multiple Users and Appearance sound tracks, as well as fixing an intermittent crash when opening the Power Windows control panel.

Power Windows is compatible with System 7 through Mac OS 9. It also works in the Classic environment under Mac OS X, giving Classic applications live window dragging and transparent menus like Carbon and Cocoa apps have.

Power Windows is available for US$10. You can find more information at Mr. Landweberis web site.