Get On The Chainz Gang With MumboJumbo

MumboJumbo is shipping a new game for Mac users, Chainz 1.0. Chainz is a puzzle styled game designed to alleviate boredom. The aim of the game is to link three or more links together. According to MumboJumbo:

Puzzle games have taken an evolutionary step forward with the publication of Chainz, the latest release from MumboJumbo, a subsidiary of United Developers, LLC.

Chainz presents a board full of multi-colored links. Players rotate them to form chains of three or more same-colored links. As the chains disappear, additional links drop down to adding the possibility of new combinations forming that score extra points!

Some bonus links multiply points earned while others serve as "wild links" that can be joined with links of any color. As players clear links from the board, a meter on the side of the screen fills; when it hits the top, the level ends and the next challenge begins.

You can find more information about the Chainz release at the MumboJumbo Web site. Chainz is available for US$19.99.