Get REAL: REALbasic 3 Adds OS X Support

REAL Software has announced a new version of their powerful development environment, REALbasic. Currently available in beta, version 3 adds a number of new features, while also adding full support for development under OS X. REALbasic has become a popular tool for for utility and shareware developers due in large part to its ease of use and robust nature. According to REAL Software:

REAL Software, Inc. today announcedREALbasic 3, the latest version of its award-winning software. REALbasicruns on Mac OS X as well as earlier versions of Macintosh Systemsoftware. It allows programmers of all skill levels to develop theirsoftware with a single set of user interface elements and code tocompile native applications for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows withoutrequiring any platform-specific adjustments.

REALbasic is the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your ownsoftware for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows. People who have neverprogrammed before who just need to solve a problem, experiencedprogrammers who need to enhance their productivity -- and everyone inbetween -- will benefit from using REALbasic.

"Hundreds of developers are tuning up their applications to takeadvantage of Mac OS Xis advanced new features and incredible aqua userinterface," said Clent Richardson, Appleis vice president of WorldwideDeveloper Relations. "REALbasic is a leading edge development tool forthe Mac OS, and we are thrilled they are providing a simple way tocreate powerful applications for Mac OS X."

REALbasic 3 continues REAL Softwareis quest to deliver outstanding toolsto the Macintosh user community. This release provides exciting newfunctionality in addition to the ability to run on and compile for MacOS X. These new features include an all new animation engine, revampeddatabase features, enhancements to the Code editor and debugger, Crashrecovery, searchable online reference, build (compiling process)AppleScriptable, vastly improved Windows support, and more.

REALbasic 3 beta is available for free. You can find more information at the REALbasic web site.