Get Spring Cleaning, In Time For Fall

Aladdin has extended their sale on the Mac disk cleaning and optimization tool, Spring Cleaning. Spring Cleaning 3.5 is a suite of disk maintenance utilities aimed at cleaning and optimizing disk performance. According to Aladdin:

In case you donit already have Spring Cleaning 3.5, youire missing 13 powerful tools to help you clean and organize your hard drive. Spring Cleaning 3.5is searches are fast and focused so that you can find and remove the unwanted clutter from your Macintosh, easily, quickly, and safely. And now with our new iClean? tool you can sweep away all the unwanted Internet-related files that clutter up your computer with just one click.

Do you realize all the files being placed on your computer every day when you use the Internet? Itis amazing the amount of files that websites can deposit on your computer. Have you ever tried removing old applications and files only to wonder ifyou got everything out that you wanted? If so, Spring Cleaning 3.5 was designed for you.

If you use the Internet, have you ever looked to see how many cache files your browser has created? Go ahead, take a look in your System folder and see for yourself.

Spring Cleaning is available for a limited time for US$19.95. You can find more information at the Aladdin web site.