Get The Inside Scoop On Using Jaguar

Scott Kelby has released a new book for new Jaguar users, Scott Kelbyis Mac OS X Killer Tips. The Killer Tips book details the inner workings of the latest Mac operating system, and features over 200 pages of inside tips and tricks for the new OS. According to Scott

Macintosh owners who upgrade to OS X.2 will find the transition easier than ever thanks to the timely release of best-selling author Scott Kelby’s Mac OS X Killer Tips, an accumulation of hidden shortcuts and inside tips for Mac OS X.2.

Killer Tips is expected to quickly climb the bestseller list after it hits bookstores in early September due to Kelby’s popularity among graphics professionals, who make up a large part of Apple’s consumer base.

Mac OS X Killer Tips provides readers with more than 200 pages of practical user tips, combining the best high-speed shortcuts and undocumented keyboard commands with Kelby’s humorous, down-to-earth approach. The result is an easy-going, concise shortcut guide that deviates from the technical and intimidating style of most computer handbooks.

You can find more information about the Mac OS X Killer Tips release at the Scott Kelby Web site. Preorders for Mac OS X Killer Tips are available for US$24.95.