Get Yer E-mail Addy Here, Chief is about to offer e-mail addresses for Mac OS X enthusiasts. It is now possible to reserve names and to beta test the setup. According to

We will be offering such features as expiring addresses, virus scanning, community spam blocking, classification filters, and more. Choose if you want a Virtual Alias account (one that forwards to an existing POP mail account) OR get the full deal with a full POP3 account. Your choice.

Accounts will be active in as little as a minute. Service offering will be free for a limited time, until we get through beta of this new offering. The monthly or annual cost will go toward supporting the message board and server costs. Reserve today, help us beta test, decide if you want to continue later.

The accounts are free during the beta testing, and those who sign up during the test period will get a 50% discount on the (yet to be announced) price.