Get Your AppleT-Shirts For Cheap!

RedLightRunner has announced that they have a selection of AppleT-shirts available for special discounted prices. RedLightRunner is a great resource for ordering Apple and Macintosh merchandise, and with MACWORLD right around the corner it is time to stock up on some new shirts to hit the show in style. According to RedLightRunner:

John here from I have a couple of great things to tell you about: First, weive managed to acquire a large quantity of vintage Apple shirts & handbags, and are now able to offer them at their lowest prices ever!

  • Black Vintage Apple Icon T-shirts - only $14.95! (New Item!)
  • Original Macintosh "Picasso" T-shirts - only $12.95!
  • Apple Logo Handbags - only $12.95!
  • Original Bondi Blue iMac T-shirts - only $12.95!
  • Vintage "Apple" T-shirts - only $12.95!

Also... weive just added a new iStickersi category with 4 new stickers never before offered at! ...with more stickers on the way!

These prices are good for a limited time, so come on over to and check it out before theyire gone!

You can find their full selection of Apple related items at the RedLightRunner Web site.