Get Your Classic Mac T-Shirts Before They're Extinct

August Schulz is now shipping limited edition t-shirts for Classic Mac enthusiasts. The t-shirts feature the pre-OS X/Jaguar design elements including the Happy Mac icon and the rainbow stripe Apple logo. In keeping with the rapid demise of the Classic OS, only 250 t-shirts are available. According to August Schulz:

August Schulz, a member of the UK-based multimedia collective ZenBubblegum, announces the release of a limited edition T-shirt especially designed for users and fans of the Apple Macintosh Classic operating system (OS 9 etc).

The design celebrates two of the icons that have come to embody the legendary user-friendly nature of the Mac over the years – the Rainbow-Stripe Apple emblazoned on millions of Mac products and the Happy Mac icon seen on start-up. Only 250 of these T-shirts will be printed and made available worldwide. Given that nearly 90 per cent of the world’s 25 million Mac users are running a system pre-OS X [Apple’s own estimate], it’s fair to say that this T-shirt will be of interest to a large number of Mac addicts.

You can find more information about the limited edition t-shirts at the ZenBubblegum Web site. The t-shirts are available in various sizes for US$32.00.