Getting Correct Page Sizes in Acrobat

Sometimes size does matter, and that certainly is the case with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. By default, Adobeis PDF editing and reader applications both scale your documents to fit the paper in your printer - saving you from losing the edges of your document if they fall outside the printable area. If you need to print a document at actual size, however, itis time to change that setting. Hereis how:

  • Choose File > Print in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
  • Select Copies & Pages from the pop-up menu thatis just below the Presets pop-up menu.
  • Choose None from the Page Scaling pop-up menu.

Choose Copies & Pages (left) and set Page Scaling to None (right).

Disabling Page Scaling is especially useful if you are trying to match an original document as closely as possible, printing a PDF that will be used as a template, or outputting a plate for a printing press.

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