Gigawiz Releases Aabel 1.5 Analysis Tool With New Chart Types

Gigawiz has upgraded its Aabel software to version 1.5. The new version of the data analysis and graphing application includes many new types of charts, new statistics, and much more. From Gigawiz:

Aabel 1.5 has evolved into an integrated application that provides native worksheets, a database metaphor, numerous 2D and 3D graphs/charts, statistical tests, multivariate data analysis methods, data processing and data filtering tools. Aabel handles very large datasets, and has diverse data import and graphic export capabilities.

Whatis New?

Version 1.5 adds 35 new chart types in 19 categories; a complete set of new statistics (t-tests, Wilcoxon sing-ranked test, Mann Whitney U-tests, F-test, correlation and covariance matrices, one-way and two-way ANOVA, full Kaplan-Meier analysis and logrank test); a user defined/non-linear curve fitting module, new text frame and table editors for generating styled text and tables; additional import capabilities including Excel? and Fortran formatted files; a chart layers manager that allows creating multiple transparent live chart layers, hot-linked to the same or different data sources; new marker symbols; and numerous enhancements in worksheets, in data processing tools and in the graphic design interface.

Aabel 1.5 is available now for free to registered users of Aabel 1.0. The full version is US$349, with an educational license available for $249.