Gimp-Print Saves The Day

OK, so you got your iMac and you just bought a sweet PostScript printer, like an HP CP1700PS. You plug in the printer, fire up Photoshop in OS X, open up the project you were working on, and hit iprinti. Nothing happens.

After muttering some mild profanity you try again. Zip. You try once more; nada. As the caliber of your profanity elevates, you wonder what is going on. Youive installed the RIP app from HP, everything works in OS 9, but you donit even get a page feed in OS X.

You begged your boss to buy you the iMac, claiming how easy it is to use and how much money it will save him because youid be so productive. You laughed when he actually believed you, because you knew the only reason you wanted the iMac is because it looks so sexy in your cubical. Now you stare at the empty printer tray, and you are not laughing now.

Time to wring you iMacis shiny neck? Before you commit digital murder, however justifiable, you might want to take a look at Gimp-Print, another useful Open Source package that can be found on

Gimp-Print is actually not an application, but is rather a collection of Ghostscript and CUPs drivers that actually work in OS X. Go figure. Installation is simple, and the instructions for use canit get any simpler. Whatis more, Gimp-Print drivers support Appleis printer sharing in OS X: Click on the printer button in the Share Preference panel and your printer magically appears in the Print Center of any of your locally networked Macs. Cool!

Note: If you are setting up a CP1700PS use the CP1600PS driver in the iAdvancedi menus.

Get Gimp-Print at

Vern Seward keeps a look out for those Unix apps making their way to the Mac so you donit have to.