Girl Updated To 2.0

YOW* has released an update to its Girl loop mixing software, bringing it to version 2.0. Girl is aimed at helping musicians, DJs, and other creative types put together music loops. The new version adds a surround sound mixer, a cleaner interface, live recording features, and more. From YOW*:

YOW* (yowstar) has released version 2.0 of the innovative loop mixing instrument Girl. This exciting update includes a surround sound mixer for multi-channel performance or studio mixing on anywhere from 3 to 16 channels, making it the first widely available multi-channel performance instrument. The new version also provides a cleaner interface, improved session management, comprehensive MIDI control, new live recording features, MIDI clock and tapped tempo sync, transport control from MIDI sequencers, support for Cycling 74is Pluggo VST plugins, support for VST instruments, and enhanced efficiency.

Girl is an audio loop mixing instrument for live performance, sound design, or music composition. Using your library of sound files (almost any format will do), live audio input, or VST instruments, sound is manipulated in a GirlModule, which can continuously loop the sound. Within a module you can modify the sound using the multi-mode filters, delay, granulation, ring modulation, up to 3 optional VST plugins, and by selecting smaller segments of the sound file. You can open any number of these modules, limited only by the amount of RAM and the power of your computeris processor. The modules can be treated individually, or the playback speeds of the loops can all be synchronized to a tempo.

Additionally, sounds are automatically segmented into equal length pieces, and these segments can be played with a Mac or MIDI keyboard or sequenced with Girlis sequencers. Mixing can be done with a mouse, Macintosh keyboard, and MIDI. Sound output is easily recorded into a stereo or multi-track file, or can be directed to other audio programs with ReWire, DirectConnect, or VST.

Using surround mode, a musician can mix the audio from Girl "loop modules" in 3 to 16 channels using a multi-channel soundcard and multiple amplifiers and speakers. Additionally, the multi-channel audio can be sent via ReWire, VST, or DirectConnect to other applications. Designed for creative flexibility, the surround mixer allows for professional quality 5.1 surround sound, or whatever creative low- or high-tech surround environment an artist can imagine. Automated panning on each channel allows for constant motion of audio in the surround environment and the final result can be recorded to a single multitrack digital file for further editing and mixing in other audio applications.

Girl 2.0 works with MacOS 8.5 through 9.2.2 and OS X 10.2 and up, and is available now for US$99. A free demo with limited functionality is also available.