Give AppleWorks A Shot In The Arm

T&B has released an expansion pack for Appleis suite of productivity/office tools, AppleWorks. Version 1.2 of the enhancement pack includes a host of new features, and gives AppleWorks a number of "high end" but very useful features. Included in the expansion pack is the ability to add a table of contents, publish databases to the web, and have more control over fonts. According to T&B:

Version 1.2 is now available and adds several abilities: Replace database field with a value, increase or apply a formula, Find Duplicate records, Open CSV (comma separated values) files, Frequency statistical function, Renumber References (such as ?Figure n?), Table of Contents can match font styles (eg bold), Dashed Lines supporting arrows; Web Publishing can summarize just the visible records from a database and translates leading tabs from word processing. More detail is here. Version 1.2 is a free upgrade for all registered users.

The Enhancement Pack is designed for AppleWorks 6, but version has been retrofitted for limited compatibility with AppleWorks/ ClarisWorks 5. Once installed, you simply select the added menu items, without needing to look at any ?code?. If a script asks you to locate AppleWorks 6, choose your copy instead. Most scripts work with any Mac OS configuration from Mac OS 7.5 through 9. The scripts work best with AppleScript 1.3.7 (included with Mac OS 8.6) or later. Microsoft Windows? - donit ask ;-)

Word processing scripts can be used on any word processing document. You can Compare revisions of a document to locate the changes, Export for XPress, Extract Containing a chosen phrase, Find Repeated Words, build an Index of important words, Convert Labels on numbered paragraphs, make a Table of Contents, Web Publish your document with cleaner HTML and META keyword and description tags.

Text scripts can format the selected text as lowercase, UPPERCASE, Word Caps, Title Caps, or Small Caps. You can make a simple Fraction, Unwrap Lines after copying from an email or web page, or Paste Plain text to remove formatting from AppleWorks or another styled text program.

With these extra Database features, you can: Audit Fields, Compare independently edited databases, Duplicate Record Multiple times, Replace all fields with a selected value, Web Publish your database for searching over the Internet. The Lookup function script gives you simple relational database features.

The T&B AppleWorks Enhancement Pack is available for US$20. You can find more information at the T&B web site.