Give Us More! We Must Eat, Or "Content Feed Updated"

ContentFeed has announced an upgrade in their Mac news feed service. ContentFeed allows Web sites with an interest in Macintosh news to place links that are automatically maintained by the service directly on their site. The company has beefed up the back end and made the front end interface prettier. According to ContentFeed:

ContentFeed, Inc., a ground breaking Web content syndication service, Thursday announced major upgrades to its services.

Following its successful launch for last monthis MacWorld Expo, ContentFeed continues to develop its Internet syndication services. Today, ContentFeed announces two major improvements to its services. First, the company announces the successful transition of its databases to MySQL, and second, the launch of a new user interface.

Using MySQL, ContentFeed is better able to meet the growing demands for its services. MySQL is one of the premiere methods of managing data for Internet services. The database system is ideally suited to handle the voluminous amount of data gathered, processed and distributed via the ContentFeed network. Using MySQL, ContentFeed will enjoy improved service speed, stability and features.

ContentFeed also launched its new interface. The interface is designed for the serviceis administration tools. The interface allows easier use and greater control over the companyis content services. ContentFeedis new intuitive interface makes it easier for subscribers and affiliates to administer their accounts.

ContentFeed currently offers a wide variety of news and information covering the Apple Macintosh OS and related products. The company plans new area of content coverage in the near future. Individuals, organizations and business may place free syndicated news feeds on to their web sites using ContentFeedis simple four step sign-up processes.

You can find more information on the service at their Web site.