Give Your System A Makeover With Some Nu Fonts

ScooterGraphidcs has updated their set of custom, alternative fonts, the Nu Font Pack. The Nu Font Pack contains four "Mac-ish" fonts, including the Nu Sans and Nu Seriff font sets. Designed around the original Mac system fonts, the Nu series looks right at home on any Mac. Also, just in time for the holidays, the Nu Font Pack is available at a discount. According to Mr. Pfieffer:

The Nu Font Pack has been updated--just intime for Christmas! The Nu Font Pack 1.5 contains some of Scooter Graphicsimost popular fonts: Nu Sans, Nu Serif, Nu Casual and Nu Sans Monospaced--allin one download and at a 20% discount.

This release updates Nu Casual in the pack. The new Nu Casual is based onall three of the original bitmap designs of the Newton Casual font. Now, NuCasual is more faithful to the original design. This scalable font bringsthe look of the Newtonis "computer handwriting" to your Mac.

Nu Sans and Nu Serif were inspired by Apple Computeris Espy Sans and EspySerif bitmap fonts. Espy Sans was supposed to appear in Copland, but insteadwe got Charcoal in Mac OS 8.0. Espy Serif was used by Apple for the AppleGuide. My Nu Sans and Nu Serif bring back these great-looking screen fontsin a more useful way. While the Espy fonts look jaggy when scaled todifferent sizes, my "Nu" fonts scale properly.

Nu Sans Monospaced is a fixed-width (think typewriter) interpretation ofEspy Sans. The italics are inspired by the IBM Selectric script typeball.

As always, a Windows version is also available for those of us who have towork on "The Dark Side." :-)

The Nu Font Pack is available for US$31. You can find more information at the ScooterGraphics web site.