Glidecam Releases Stunt Bar Camera Mount

Glidecam Industries has a new piece of production gear called the Glidecam Stunt Bar. The Glidecam Stunt Bar is a camera mount system designed to extend low angle camera positioning. The Stunt Bar features several position lengths and accepts cameras weighing up to 7 lbs. According to Glidecam:

The Glidecam Stunt Bar is?the ultimate handheld performance?accessory?for shooting on the move with your video?camcorder.? The Glidecam Stunt Bar can quickly be?positioned to varied lengths and is?great for shooting in Low mode, High mode and Shoulder mode positions.? Equipped with a?comfortable cushioned grip with?a "raincoat" cover? inside the handle.??

The Glidecam Stunt Bar can handle cameras up to 7 lbs. The Glidecam Stunt Baris?light weight ?versatile design and construction?make it the?ULTIMATE?stunt camcorder?accessory.

You can find more information about the Glidecam Stunt Bar at the Glidecam Industries Web site. The Stunt Bar is available for US$59.95 through authorized dealers.