Globe & Mail Examines Apple's Hidden Agenda

A very interesting Globe and Mail editorial from Sandy McMurray offers some thoughts on Appleis hidden agenda with iTunes for Windows. Mr. McMurray points out that it is obvious that Apple is trying to sell more iPods, and that the company is also trying to give Windows users a taste of the Mac life. That, however, is just the beginning, according to Mr. McMurray. From the editorial:

Notice what happens during installation of iTunes for Windows. By default, Appleis installer makes iTunes the default player for all audio content on your PC, even if you have other audio software installed. (You can turn this off, but most users wonit understand the implications, or wonit bother.)

iTunes also tells Windows to use QuickTime whenever you play other media files. QuickTime? Yes, QuickTime! iTunes for Windows automatically installs the latest version of Appleis media player software including plug-ins for Web browsers like Internet Explorer.


iTunes for Windows isnit just music software, itis a competitive advantage for Apple and a shot across the bow of Microsoft, Real, MusicMatch and other companies that make music and multimedia software.

Thereis a lot more in the full article, and we recommend it as an interesting read.