Globe and Mail Gives 20" (Dome) iMac Thumbs Up

Itis almost irrelevant at this point, but Canadais Globe & Mail has given the now discontinued 20" iMac a positive review. The reviewer, Sean Carruthers, says that the iMac is beautiful, has a stunning display, comes with great software, and is tempting to "die-hard Windows users." This all comes from someone who describes himself as leaning more towards the PC side of the fence, too. From the review:

  • The Good: Large, crisp screen; small footprint on your desktop; excellent software bundle; DVD burner; beautiful design.
  • The Bad: So-so mouse; limited upgrade potential; premium price.
  • The Verdict: Despite the high price, the 20-inch iMac is a beautiful machine for both work and for fun, just the thing to keep old-school Mac-heads happy while also tempting die-hard Windows users.

You can find the full review at the Globe and Mailis Web site.