GoLive 5 Demo, Stability Tips Available

Adobe has released a demo of the latest version of their professional grade Web authoring tool, GoLive 5. The demo version will allow users to get a feel for the new version, and allow users to experience all of GoLive 5is new features. Adobe has also posted a series of tips and tricks to get GoLive to function in a more stable manner (we know the biggest tip; give it un-Godly amounts of RAM), thus making the program more friendly for current users. According to Adobe:

A free, downloadable trial version of GoLive 5 is now available at the Adobe web site. Although this is for North America only, additional trial versions forthe rest of the world are currently in development. In addition, the trialversion of GoLive 5 is also included with every copy of Photoshop 6.

GoLive Troubleshooting Documents now available.

Adobe has released a series of FAQs to address the problem reportsthat have been successfully resolved by Tech Support. If you areexperiencing stability problems, we highly recommend you refer tothese documents given that the steps have proven extremely effectivein addressing customer needs.

You can find more information, including the demo version of GoLive 5, at the Adobe web site.