Gods, Generals, Daredevils And More

Every week, Vern Seward takes a look at Appleis latest offerings at the QuickTime Trailer site, letting your know whatis new.

Well, itis 2003. If this year is anything like 2002, we should have nothing but a bunch of great movies to watch. We already know thereis a slew of gotta-see flicks in the Hollywood queue: X-Men 2, Harry Potter 3, and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King are just a few that should keep us happily standing in line to be the first to be thrilled. Thereis definitely something for everybody coming out this year. Comic book fans will get at least two doses of ohs and ahs when they view The Incredible Hulk and Daredevil. Marital arts groupies will get their kicks with Bullet Proof Monk and the Matrix 2. The more studious of us will be delighted with Master and Commander and Gods and Generals. Those who crave comedy will guffaw over Johnny English and Bruce Almighty.

Of course, just like your momma always told you: you gotta get some of the bad with the good. Last year we had some real stinkers: Friday After Next and I Spy were two of the more forgettable feature films. This year wonit be any different it appears. Of the movies that likely wonit turn very many heads are: Terminator 3 (Sorry Arnie but you should not have come back), Dumb and Dumberer (Too dumb to leave well enough alone), and Jungle Book 2 (Disney just canit get a break).

At any rate, the coming year should be an interesting one on the silver screen.

To whet your appetite for the coming year, here are some QuickTime Movie Trailers you might want to check out:

If you havenit checked out the Daredevil trailer, or if youive seen the first one and have been hankering for more, then you are in luck. A new Daredevil trailer has been released as a QuickTime exclusive. For those of you who may not have heard of Daredevil, imagine a guy with abilities that are a cross between Batmanis acrobatics and Spidermanis heightened senses; now make the guy blind and give him the ability to iseei via bat-like radar, and dress him up in red leather tights with two little tiny horns on his head, and you have the idea of Daredevil. Not as popular as Spiderman, but still cool, Daredevil should be a fun romp.

Other trailers you might want to see are:

  • Assassination Tango: Weird title but an interesting looking movie that was written, directed, and stars Robert Duvall. Mr. Duvall plays an aging hitman on his last job and discovers the magic and sensuality of the tango. His dance partner is a newcomer to the American screen; Luciana Pedraza who looks like someone whose dance card is never empty. Should be good.
  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour: Now, hereis a switch: It use to be that ime tooi movies that star Black actors followed successful films that have a mostly white cast. A recent example of this would be Undercover Brother, which looked uncannily a lot like Austin Powers. Well, this shows that it can work both ways: The all Black Kings of Comedy movies were hits, so why not do the same thing for White comics? Hey, it could work.
  • Tears of the Sun: Bruce Willis dons a soldieris fatigues in this action movie. He plays Lt. Waters, and leads a Special Ops unit into Nigeria to rescue a doctor -- Sheis beautiful, of course -- but Waters soon has to decided whether to stick to the letter of his orders and just rescue the doctor or ignore his orders an save the people with whom the doctor worked. If you hadnit noticed, Mr. Willis seems to like to play hero and heis good at it.
  • It Runs in the Family: Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas star as father and son trying to sort out their dysfunctional family. This movie has the makings of a fun comedy, and was originally named A Few Good Years.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: This isnit really a trailer; itis a teaser, so donit expect much. Still your interest may be piqued once you learn that Johnny Depp is in this film. Weill just have to wait and see what the real trailer holds.

Thatis it for now. Be sure to check out Phil Schiller in his iThe Power of Xi presentation presented in a MPEG-4 stream.