Goof Off With A New Episode Of The Macinchat Variety Show

The guys at the Macinchat Variety Show have posted a new episode for your amusement and entertainment. The Macinchat Variety Show provides a lighthearted look at the Macintosh universe, and offers a change of pace from the daily news sources. According to the Macinchat Variety Show:

Thatis right, itis the show that has hit the Macintosh community with the force of 15 nuclear bombs (well, maybe 3 or 4 firecrackers if you want to get technical), itis the mind-altering "Macinchat Variety Show," on tap for show number 19. Yes, we have been churning out this nonsense for over 19 weeks and we have no intention of stopping, so donit bother asking!

This weekis show debuts the (canit mention sponsors here) Pirate (donit even ask). We have some new segments like iStump the Mac Geeksi and the strange "Macinchat Theater." We also have tons of prizes to give away, so listen to the whole show--even the bitter end. And, yes, iEd MacMani is back for some more lowbrow humor, as well as the Top 9.6b4, which Mr. Sac will not be writing ever again.

So sit back and join the 2 hosts that have officially changed their show names to thwart the pipe bombs, death threats, mail bombs, MX Missiles, crazy groupies, machine gun fire, and drive-by putdowns by Windows users everywhere. We also suggest you grab your favorite alcoholic beverage so you can play the Macinchat drink-along game?after listening to this episode, you will hear all about the NEW official Macinchat beer sponsor!

As usual, if you are sensitive to bodily noises and/or functions and/or strong language, we suggest you listen via headphones and put the children in the other room. Youive been warned.

You can find the latest episode at the Macinchat Variety Show Web site.