Google X: Google With a Touch of Apple Flair

While Mac users are no doubt accustomed to searching Google directly from their Web browseris Toolbar, for those times when you absolutely have to load Googleis homepage, do so in style with the new Google X.

"Today is an amazing day: A small idea - a fun late-night coding jaunt to help me learn Javascript & DHTML - has just launched on Google Labs. I never expected it to make it as far as it has when I wrote it a month ago, said Google engineer Chikai Ohazama, the man behind Google X. "And now thereis Google X, which came about because I wanted a quick fun way to access all of Googleis services."

Google X is virtually identical to regular Google, but features neat icons for Googleis services that enlarge when you move your cursor over them. A creation from the Google Labs, Google X proclaims at the bottom, "Roses are red. Violets are blue. OS X rocks. Homage to you."