Got A Cube? Got Questions? You Are Not Alone, keeper of a host of Mac based lists, has just started two new lists for Appleis latest hardware products. Owners, or potential owners, of the new MP G4 and the G4 Cube now have a resource for tips and other information. According to TheMacintoshGuy: offers the most complete set of email discussion lists dedicated to Apple technology. Today we added two more!

"Iive found email lists, including those of, to be much more helpful with easy to difficult problems. The community spirit of these lists is one of sharing and helping, as individuals and not as companies. What goes around, comes around. If you help, youill find friends to help you when you need." - Steve Wozniak

- MacCube List, for users and fans of Appleis new compact G4.
Send email to [] to join.

- MacMP List, for discussion of multiple processing software and hardware on the Mac including Appleis new dual G4s.
Send email to [] to join.

You can find more information at web site.