Got The OS X Itch? Wincent Tries To Tide You Over

Our good friend Wincent Colaiuta has posted a rather in depth look at the latest build of Mac OS X that seems to be floating around the Internet, version C4K46. While it seems the new version addresses many issues associated with the Public Beta, and the last widespread non-public release, C4K17 (MWSF build), Apple has its work cut out in getting OS X ready for its prime time release on March 24th.

Among the highlights are customizable Dock applications that seem to replace the functionality of the Control Strip, and the fact that OS 9.1 is the functioning Classic environment. According to

Weire pleased to bring you the latest instalment in our ongoing coverage of Appleis private OS X builds in the lead-up to OS Xis public release later in March. This time itis "C4K46" thatis on centre stage.

Weid like to welcome all of our regular readers - Mac fans, Apple engineers, website masters, and Appleis lawyers - for this in-depth review of the latest build that weive had the pleasure of seeing.

Unlike several post-4K17 builds that weive seen (for example, 4K33 which we wrote about earlier) this one is a full, bootable install disc, just like Public Beta and 4K17 (other builds havenit all been bootable, but required the use of Appleis "Software Restore" application to place an image of the OS on a target partition. To make matters tricky, the ASR application required was a special version that was not publically available... version 2.1.1).

You can find the full review at the Web site.