Grab A Real Trash Can That Looks Like The Aqua Trash Can From OS X (With Pic)

One of the nifty things about OS X and Aqua is the photo-realistic icons. Imagine the surprise of your author when he opened a present this Christmas to find what seemed like an exact reproduction of the new trash can in OS X Public Beta! Here was a chance to show his geekdom to all!

The trash can comes from Eurway, a furniture store chain in Texas specializing in the kind of furniture that went up in flames when Tyler Durden torched "Jackis" apartment in Fight Club. Itis a great store full of awesome products. We asked them to include this trash can in their online store so that you too could show your Mac OS X geekness, and they have done so. The thumbnail we include in this story is not a screenshot from OS X, but is an image from Eurwayis Web site. The larger version that the thumbnail links to does not really do this product justice, but we included it too.

Itis priced at US$19, and you can find it by going to Eurwayis site and clicking on Accessories. At the Accessories pages you will find a link to Waste Baskets, and then a link to the "Finito Waste Basket : Aluminum."