Grab An iCal Calendar For Hockey Schedules: iceCal Updated

Celsius1414 has released an update to their hockey scheduling iCal calendar, iceCal. The company is getting ready to make the release final, and calls this update a beta update. Improvements include new features.

We have released an update to iceCal, the downloadable NHL season calendars for Appleis iCal. New in this version (0.3b):

  • Easier-to-decipher descriptions (e.g., iLos Angeles Kings @ Detroit Red Wingsi).
  • Artificial End Times for easier viewing.
  • Files now more standards-compliant for use in other .ics-friendly calendar programs (e.g. Mozilla Calendar).

This is a beta version; if you do download and import a file, we would appreciate you sending feedback to Celsius1414 Support whether it works for you or not, especially if youire using it in something other than Appleis iCal. Assuming everythingis good with everybody, this will become a non-beta product in the next few weeks.

You can find more information on iceCal, including download links, at the Celsius1414 Web site.