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About This Particular Macintosh (ATPM) has announced the release of issue 7.02 for February 2001. On the menu there are many columns, article and reviews. According to ATPM:

This monthis columns and articles include:

  • A Matter of Trust -- Tom Iovino looks at online credit card usage, waiters, and old girlfriends in this monthis Apple Cider.
  • Martians in the Manholes -- In his final Apples, Kids, & Attitude, Robert Paul Leitao talks about Superman, television, civil rights, and the Macintosh community.
  • A Tale of Two Trade Shows -- In this monthis Beyond the Barline, David Ozab offers a look at music products from two different shows held a mere week apart, and what they mean to Macintosh-based music makers.
  • About This Particular Web Site -- Paul Fatula explores information architects, Mobius desktop pictures, a "good thinking site," spam, and privacy.
  • How To: iMovie Transition Tricks -- Jamie McCornack looks at slow-mo and other iMovie and iMovie2 special effects.
  • How To: Playing Compressed Sounds on a Home Stereo -- Evan Trent explores AIFF compression and how to play your own audio CDs on your home stereo.
  • Desktop pictures courtesy of Lee Bennett and MobiusCo, featuring lighthouses from the Florida panhandle, and, well, Mobius!
  • Fun With Numbers: The Answers! -- Ed Goss reveals the answers to last monthis Trivia Challenge.

This monthis reviews are:

Mac Chess Downloads, Driver, Final Jam Pro (skin), Jeopardy!, iTunes 1.0, Links LS 2000, Que! Fire CD-RW Drive, and ZipCD.

You can find more information, including current and past issues, at the ATPM Web site.