Grand Rapids Gets an Apple Store; Local VAR Sees Opportunity

The Grand Rapids Press has reported that an Apple Store is coming to the city in the Woodland Shopping Center in the Kentwood suburb. According to the newspaper, the store will occupy 4,000 square feet, and the store will open in the Fall of 2005.

We are very excited about getting an Apple Store," Woodland general manager Jay Botsch told the Press. "The iPod is a big factor in their success, and if that is what creates the energy, thatis great."

Much of the article focused on introducing the concept of an Apple Store to Press readers, but reporter Mary Radigan also found one independent dealer who is happy about the coming competition.

Bill Smith, owner of ComputerCraft, sees an opportunity to increase his service business, especially his on-site service business, as the corporate-owned Apple Store sells more Macs to local customers.

"Competing with your supplier is never pleasant, but we are so service-oriented and have the type of customer wanting on-site service and installation," Mr. Smith told the Press. "Our business is up, and I think weill be fine if (the new store) gets more people interested in Apple products."

Having opened his store in 1987, he now employees 15 people.

There is more local information in the full article at the Pressis Web site.