Graphic Design Community Gets New Resource

Convoq, an application service provider that features an online interactive workplace for the graphic arts community, launched its new Web site during Septemberis Seybold conference. The launch coincides with the introduction of the Convoq name, which was also debuted at Seybold. According to Convoq:

Convoq Portal Provides Access To Hosted ServicesPreviously known as DGNonline, Convoq provides a menu of Web-enabled hosted services designed to help agencies, printers, publishers, and prepress professionals enhance responsiveness, increase productivity, and strengthen client relationships.

Convoqis Web site provides access to the companyis hosted services, which include TeamProof, an interactive softproofing service, TeamSpace, a secured shared workplace a team can use through an individual production cycle, and TeamConference, an online real-time conferencing space that allows application sharing and whiteboarding with anyone on the Internet. The Web site also provides access to TransferManager, which provides a full-featured, client-based file transfer management service.

In addition, Convoq offers several exclusive services through the new Web site, including MediaSpecs, a shared database with up to 25,000 publications worldwide, including USA, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim; the Tracker Suite, a series of asset, job, media, campaign, and brand tracking applications; and ToolBox, an asset localization system.

Convoq was introduced at Seybold Boston 2000. Its services are well-suited for a wide variety of clients including advertising agencies, graphic arts firms, publishers, printers, and prepress firms specializing in color scanning, retouching, and digital proofing. Specialty publishers/printers producing free standing inserts and corporate graphics departments within corporations are also markets for Convoq.

You can find more information at the Convoq web site.